Jane’s design portfolio shows a small level of insight into the past projects Jane has worked on with her clients. Interior designing is about being able to listen to the needs of your client and implement practical yet glamorous designs. Melbourne based interior designer and decorator Jane Gorman always ensures, from the first consultation, she understands her clients and their design objectives. Understanding the end goal is a key element in designing as Jane is able to understand how the space will be used. The demographics of a household can change over time and being able to have a space that is adaptable is another key element. As seen in Jane’s design portfolio, being able to showcase a wide range of styles has further enhanced Jane’s ability to work with any client on any style of home. A benefit of having Jane Gorman work on your project is that each design is unique and never repeated. Each residential home, commercial space or luxury marine boat has its own character. Creating a practical yet glamorous design for each new project is what makes Jane Gorman truly unique.


Jane’s design portfolio only showcases a very limited range of past projects Jane has worked on. Respecting the privacy of her clients, Jane has showcased these limited range of projects to give an indication of the wide range of styles that can be incorporated into your next project. Having access to unique and bespoke suppliers that do not trade with the public allows Jane to offer exclusive pieces of furniture that are not available elsewhere. Having been an interior decorator and designer for over 35 years in Melbourne, Jane has worked on many projects with her clients. Being co-creators, Jane follows the vision of her clients and guides them to their end goal.

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